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Shelley & Eric – Vibe Hotel – St Thomas’ North Sydney – Long Reef Golf Club

Shelley & Eric picked what I think is one of the best churches in Sydney – St Thomas’ Anglican Church in North Sydney. It is a beautiful example of late 1800’s architecture and apparently has the longest aisle in the Southern hemisphere! As you can see from the photos below it is a fantastic place to be married and the ceremony was conducted very ably by Paul Dale, a minister from a local church – the Church by the Bridge – in Kirribilli. After the ceremony and family photos we did a few shots at St Thomas’ before heading to Kirribilli. Then it was off to Long Reef for firstly photos on the beach and then a short walk up to the headland where we Read more…

Luisa & Gianluca – Miramare Gardens

Luisa & Gianluca met while Luisa was on holiday in Italy so their wedding story started a thousand miles away from Sydney. The ceremony and reception was held at Miramare Gardens, a great wedding venue in Terry Hills. The ceremony itself was held in the garden pavillion – the entrance Luisa made was just beautiful and it really is a lovely garden setting. After the ceremony we took some family photos and then shots with the bridal party both around the grounds and then inside Miramare Gardens at the La Cantina and the Sigarro Bar, plus we did some nights shots at the garden pavillion during the reception. The night was non-stop fun and dancing – such a great party! It was topped off at Read more…