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    Happy New Year & NZ Photos

    Happy New Year! I’m just back from a few weeks in New Zealand for Christmas. It was a lovely holiday with some spectacular scenary….. and it only rained a few days. Below are a few landscape shots from the trip.

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    Ansel Adams book

    I found a real gem at my local book store last week – an old Ansel Adams photography book. Quite exciting as Ansel Adams is generally considered one of the best photographers of all time. His pioneering work around the 1930-50s features stunning black & white landscape images of the American south west. Here’s a link to a website with a number of photos if you want to check out his work: Ansel Adams gallery Adams used to do a lot of darkroom post-production on his shots – the historical equivalent of all the computer photo processing we do nowadays. Dodging and burning the film reproductions often helped Adams transform…

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