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Gwen & Terry – Tarpeian Precinct Botanic Gardens – Opera Point Marquee

Gwen & Terry were married at the Tarpeian Precinct in the Botanic Gardens. It’s a fantastic location right next to the Opera House with views over the harbour and it has a large fig tree for shade on a hot day. The ceremony went very well – I’ve never seen a veil come off with the first kiss! The the shower of petals as they walked down the aisle looks awesome! We did a few photos with Gwen & Terry at the Botanic Gardens and then headed to Hyde Park and also the Rocks before ending up back at the Opera House and the reception at Opera Point Marquee. It’s an iconic location that simply can’t be beaten for views of the Harbour and the Bridge, and it was a lovely evening to just relax outside and take in the sights before a great night ahead. The reception was fantastic Read more…

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