Paulina & Nick – Botanic Gardens – QVB Tea Rooms

Phew, it was a super busy October and as such the blog has had zero attention! So time to show some recent weddings, starting with Paulina & Nick!

I began the day with Paulina’s preparations at the Shangri-La Hotel, so we had a great view of all the rain rolling in! I loved the reminder that Nick put on Paulina’s iphone – very sweet! It wasnt looking good for an outdoor ceremony in the Botanic Gardens but with some positive belief Paulina & Nick decided to chance it anyway…..and it nearly paid off! Paulina made a beautiful (dry) entrance and then half way through the ceremony the rain came pouring down, but it did make for some great photos and it cleared up nicely for mingling and photos afterwards.

We went to the Opera House and the Rocks for location shots, as well as the QVB itself as the reception was at the Tea Room at QVB. The rain kept mostly away when we were outside and with some help from the groomsmen we kept mostly dry! It made for a fun time and we got some lovely photos.

The night was a lot of fun with plenty of vodka on hand thanks to Paulina’s family….I heard a few guests werent feeling so great the next day! The QVB is an awesome venue and has a lovely warm feel about it at night, highly recommended. All in all a great day, congrats guys! Like to share this with a friend? Simply click here. You can also become a fan of McKay Photography on Facebook!

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