Ada & Aylwin – Curzon Hall – Martin Place – The Rocks

It was raining cats & dogs on the day Ada & Aylwin were married but thankfully during breaks in the showers we managed to get all the shots we wanted at each location! It just goes to show you can get great photos on a wet day if you have time to wait for the clouds to clear.

The day started early with games at Ada’s parents’ house. Aylwin and the groomsmen had to sing a song, make some rather odd tasting rice & wasabi balls and undergo a thorough interrogation by the girls!

There was a tea ceremony held at Ada’s house with her family and also at the reception venue Curzon Hall with Aylwin’s family. The rain meant we were inside for the ceremony itself but we had some clear weather around Curzon Hall for photos before the reception started. Curzon Hall is a perfect venue for photos – old stone and beautiful architecture inside and out makes for some interesting shots.

After the reception we headed into the city and hoped to avoid any more rain! We spent time under cover at Martin Place before some cool shots in The Rocks – you can really see the colour that the rain brings out. All in all a great day, congratulations guys!

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