Louise & Paul – Shark Island – The Rocks – Argyle Cellars

Louise & Paul originally hail from Scotland and Wales so it’s only natural a bag piper should lead Louise’s walk down the aisle….. and then also come with them on the location photos….. and then bag pipe at Kirribilli by the Habour Bridge….. and then stand on the steps of the Opera House piping away to the surprise & delight of all the tourists in the area! It’s only natural, so I wonder if he went with them on honeymoon too?! Check out the short & shaky video clip I took with the 5D MkII at the end of the photos.

The day was a lot of fun and I had a great time with Louise and Paul from the preparation shots we did at the Argyle and Quay West to the wonderful ceremony on Shark Island where the celebrant was Martin Moroney. We did location shots at the Opera House, Kirribilli and the Rocks….bag piper in tow. We got some great shot!

The reception was in the Cellar Room at the Argyle. The Argyle is a famous Rocks pub well worth a visit just to see the old stone & timber architecture. It was a great night with a real highlight being the best man’s speech that had us all in stitches…. or maybe it was Paul’s dancing to Shania Twain later on?! Congrats guys!

And last but not least: the bag piper with Louise & Paul on the steps of the Opera House. Not something you see every day!

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