Tracy & Victor – Tea Ceremony – Parramatta Park – Silver Pearl

You might remember Tracy & Victor from their pre-wedding shoot a few weeks ago – today was the actual wedding ceremony & reception and it started early with a traditional Tea Ceremony at Tracy’s parent’s house. I found the tea ceremony customs very interesting and it was lovely to be part of something unique to me…. and made for some great photos! It was good to see the fathers also doing a time honoured Australian tradition – sharing a cold beer 🙂

The tea ceremony was followed by a civil service at the house which included a change of clothing. We then had lunch and headed for some photos at Parramatta Park. It was hot but the park had some great locations and the photos turned out very well. There was a break in the afternoon before the reception at the Silver Pearl in Cabramatta. It was a spectacular night with lion dancing, silver foil canons and a champagne pour over dry ice! Congratulations to you both!

Many thanks to the videographer for the day who kept me up to date with what was happening!

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