Jee & James – St Stephen’s Newtown – The Rocks – Waterview Homebush

Autumn is a lovely time of the year – the days are mild, the leaves turn golden and brown, and afternoons seem to stretch on forever. Photographically it’s a great time as well – the light tends to be softer & more colourful as the sun follows a lower path across the sky.

Jee & James were married in a very old church (~1874) in Newtown called St Stephen’s. It has some amazing features and a wonderful old feel, and also a rather unqiue setting: the church is surrounded by gravestones as apparently the funds to originally build it were raised by those buried nearby. The ceremony itself was lovely, and the songs at the end sung by friends were fantastic.

We took some photos outside the church with everyone and then headed into the Rocks area with the bridal party. We got some great shots! The reception was at Waterview in Homebush.

Jee’s hair & make up was done by the wonderful Jess Berg. Like to share this with a friend? Simply click here. You can also become a fan of McKay Photography on Facebook!

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