Stephanie & Kieron – Clark Island

It’s always interesting to find new places and I must have been past Clark Island a hundred times on the ferry and didnt even realise it was there! Clark Island is a small slice of paradise right in the middle of Sydney Harbour, just off Double Bay, and it was the perfect location for Stephanie & Kieron’s wedding ceremony and reception.

The day was spectacular with sunny weather and a mild temperature – Sydney is beautiful in autumn. The ceremony was great and I loved the personal (and very funny) vows that were added to the more traditional set. After the ceremony everyone wandered over to the reception area that was set up by Snodgrass Catering – for only having a small kitchen I was amazed at the variety and quality of food they produced, highly recommend.

There were a lot of great photo locations all over the island – we just had to keep away from the strong wind! We got some great shots before joining the party. It was a great crowd and I had the (dubious) pleasure of photographing a wedding tradition that Kieron’s University friends had been doing for several years now…..will it make the album?!

The end of the day and the trip back to the mainland coincided with a beautiful sunset. We even did a few night shots with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Congrats you guys!

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