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Sophie & Andy – Bradley’s Head – Clonnys Clontarf Beach

Sophie and Andy was my last wedding for 2012 and it was a great way to finish the year! The ceremony was held at Bradley’s Head and we had stunning weather – as soon as Sophie arrived the sun came out and phew it was hot! The lovely celebrant was Beverly Kable. We did some bridal party photos at Bradley’s Head and then headed up to George’s Heights (above the Gunners Barracks) before arriving at Clontarf Beach. By then the clouds had come back and we got some awesome photos on Clontarf Beach. The reception was a picnic style with home made lemonade and games outside Clonnys. It was great to see all the guests outside enjoying the afternoon in such a relaxed spot. It was a great day, congrats guys! Beautiful make up by Michelle Mae! Visit my facebook page here or my McKay Wedding Photography Sydney.

Tabitha & Matt – St Ignatius Riverview – Clontarf Beach – Orso

January has been hot! Phew. Tabitha & Matt had a 40+ day complete with a change that bought cool winds and rain in the afternoon. I did preparation photos at Tabitha’s place and Sarah covered Matt’s preparations before heading to the ceremony at the school chapel of St Ignatius’ College, Riverview. It’s a beautiful place and blessedly the chapel had air-conditioning. The ceremony was lovely and ended with some beautiful singing by a friend of Tabitha & Matt’s. We did a range of shots with the bridal party at Riverview just before the front hit. We then headed to Curl Curl and Freshwater but it was rather windy and we had to pause for a rain break at Freshwater. We decided to do a quick stop at Clontarf Beach and the shots looked fantastic with the wind tearing across the sand. The wedding reception was at Orso on the Spit Read more…

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