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SJ & Adam – George’s Heights & Gunners Barracks wedding

SJ & Adam’s beautiful wedding at the Gunners Barracks! Ceremony was held at Georges Heights.

Sophie & Andy – Bradley’s Head – Clonnys Clontarf Beach

Sophie and Andy was my last wedding for 2012 and it was a great way to finish the year! The ceremony was held at Bradley’s Head and we had stunning weather – as soon as Sophie arrived the sun came out and phew it was hot! The lovely celebrant was Beverly Kable. We did some bridal party photos at Bradley’s Head and then headed up to George’s Heights (above the Gunners Barracks) before arriving at Clontarf Beach. By then the clouds had come back and we got some awesome photos on Clontarf Beach. The reception was a picnic style with home made lemonade and games outside Clonnys. It was great to see all the guests outside enjoying the afternoon in such a relaxed spot. It was a great day, congrats guys! Beautiful make up by Michelle Mae! Visit my facebook page here or my McKay Wedding Photography Sydney.

Eva & Ren – St Thomas’ North Sydney – Gunner’s Barracks

Eva & Ren were married in March at the spectacular St Thomas’ church in North Sydney. To start the day I did preparation photos with Eva and we got some great shots of her in a really beautiful dress & veil. Eva’s entrance at St Thomas’ was stunning and the ceremony was conducted by Revd. Richard Brown. We did some photos around St Thomas’ itself before a stops at Lavendar Bay, Balmoral Beach, and Georges Heights. The reception was a favourite venue of mine, the Gunner’s Barracks in Mosman. Kim from KISS Weddings was a great help on the day and I can highly recommend her wedding planning! You can become a fan of McKay Photography on Facebook.

Alena & Pierre – Georges Heights – Gunner’s Barracks

Alena & Pierre’s story is like something out of a romance novel: they met & fell in love in Paris while Alena was working at her father’s cafe! In many ways their wedding at the Gunners Barracks completed the fairy tale with a beautiful memorable day. After preparation photos at a stunning Bayview house I headed to the Gunners Barracks. The ceremony was held up at Georges Heights and the views from here over Sydney Harbour are amazing. The ceremony was filled with laughter and spoken in both English and French. We took photos around Georges Heights and the Barracks before the reception. The Barracks always looks amazing but I loved the very personal (often French) elements that Alena & Pierre included in the room such as chalk board menus, cooking herbs (they own a restaurant in Paris), French wine (of course), and even some huge bellows at the front Read more…

Kenney & Brett – Georges Heights – Tea Room Gunners Barracks

Kenney & Brett were married in early March at one of my favourite venues – the Tea Room at the Gunner’s Barracks. The ceremony was held at the lookout area of George’s Heights, and the sunny day made Sydney Harbour a very beautiful backdrop! We did some quick photos up the top before a lunch time reception at the Barracks, then more photos at Bradley’s Head afterwards. Congratulations guys!

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